Sara’s Boudoir Story: Breast Cancer Awareness ❤️

We had the lovely pleasure of shooting the beautiful Sara. Her story is unbelievably powerful and inspiring. Keep reading to hear firsthand why she chose to indulge in the power of boudoir at the Infinity Imagery NW studio…

So why did you want to do a boudoir session?

Before and after of Sara's hair and makeup transformation.

It was a long and hard year, dealing with a double mastectomy/reconstruction process. I am almost done with the reconstruction process, as February I will have my areolas tattooed on, and I will be able to just finally let my body finish healing from a year of many surgeries and everything else this surgery has brought to my table. Doing a shoot like this would be a great opportunity to help make my spirit remember my body is still if not even more beautiful now, then it was prior. I also want to bring attention to breast cancer awareness in general.

Have you done a boudoir session before?

Yes. I have done one before and have been thinking that if I redid another shoot, it could help with my mental state of healing.

Were you nervous before the session? If so, why?

Yes. My lack of self confidence due to losing my breast.

What did doing the session do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image?

It helped me be more comfortable in my new body. I wished I’d waited to lose weight but decided that was all part of this whole process of who I have become this last year. Bringing awareness to breast cancer is a HUGE part of my story and successful journey to keep healing.

What was the best part about the session?

Feeling comfortable with walking around, crawling around, LOL I do not know how to walk in heals, and laughing all day, really helped feel comfortable with a body that I was so insecure about.

If you’re as inspired as we are by Sara’s story, you’re probably ready for your very own custom self-love themed boudoir session!

You can get in touch with us here or if you want to speed things up, click here to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation with our studio team. During our call, we’ll go over any questions you might have, select a session date, and begin planning out your session!

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