Giving Boudoir Another Chance

Booking a boudoir session is already nerve-racking enough for most people. It can be a very vulnerable time for you and choosing and trusting a photographer to make your dreams come true can be hard.

What if the images aren’t what you are expecting? It can be a gut-wrenching moment and it is completely fair to be disappointed. But don’t let a bad experience stop you from trying again! Whatever the reason for you not liking your images or the experience, don’t give up hope.

I myself had a not-so-great experience with my own first boudoir shoot. To be honest it was really close to a complete disaster. The hair and makeup artist didn’t actually have me booked at the time, the photographer was 45 minutes late, and it seemed that the images enhanced all my flaws at a very vulnerable time in my life instead of not drawing attention to them. The list really can go on and on. Some have even heard the whole story. The biggest thing from this session that I value the most is that it showed me the potential that boudoir had for women and the damage it can do all in the same. It is why I made the switch to only shooting boudoir myself. It is my why! So here are a few reasons for you to give it another shot as well:

A skilled photographer will make all the difference
One of the biggest reasons for people not loving their images is because the photographer they chose is under-experienced. All photographers need to start out somewhere and the only way to grow is through experience, but there can be a lot said about a photographer who has had the years to back them, has made the efforts of honing their skills, and who have gone through the courses to improve. There is so much to consider when doing a shoot, the right lighting, how to pose EVERY-body, and even the outfits. The right photographer will help guide you through all of these. Be sure to do your research before booking your shoot and it will make all the difference.

Having a skilled team is everything
At Infinity Imagery NW we have an amazing team that will make you look and feel like the bombshell you already are, before you even step in front of the camera. Make sure when booking a session your photography team is going to have you covered in looking your best.

Location, location, location
What they say about real estate also applies to boudoir photography! And the right boudoir photographer will have a dedicated space as well as the right furniture and props. There are some photographers that will offer shoots out of their house, basement, or even hotel rooms and there are so many reasons this can be a bad idea. If they have pets and you have an allergic reaction or it is often illegal to run a business out of a hotel room. You want to book a photographer who has a professional, dedicated space that is as luxurious as the rest of your experience should be.

So whether you’ve had a negative experience with boudoir in the past, or you feel unsure, I hope this helped you understand that boudoir is for EVERY woman, EVERY body type, EVERY size – and the right boudoir team can make a world of difference in your experience.

I’d love to be that photographer for you!

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