What If You’re Not a Lingerie Type of Gal?

You’re probably here because you booked a boudoir shoot. You’ve found a photographer,
(me, hopefully!) you picked a date, now the only question is, what do you wear? If you’re going
for a romantic or classically sexy vibe the choices are easy, cute lingerie, maybe a two-piece
set or a bodysuit/teddy, maybe something classic with garters and stockings. Any of your
lingerie choices here.

But what if you’re not really a “lingerie” person? What if you want something more minimalist,
less obviously sexy, more covered maybe? You are not alone because some of my favorite
sessions are when we think outside the lingerie box and wear something you might not
normally think of when you think “Boudoir Photoshoot”. In fact, the best part about boudoir is
that is isn’t always about lingerie. You get to dress up in whatever makes you feel sexy.
To get started let’s go over just some general guidelines for any type of photoshoot.
Solids are better than patterns. Size matters. It might be tempting to grab something giant to
create that oversized look but in all reality only going up one or two sizes is the way to go. At
the same time, you don’t want to choose something that is too small. It’s better to have
something that fits you properly than have your outfit cutting in or rolling.

I love a more sporty look, the kind you might actually wear on a daily basis. You can grab some
classic high wasters, a sporty pair of Clavin Kleins, or even some cute (maybe a little dirty)
boxer briefs. Pair these with either nothing on top, or a light tank top or t-shirt, maybe a
matching bra, or even just a sweater. So many options that are absolutely fantastic.

The beautiful thing about photographing a pair of jeans is their texture. Make sure you choose
a pair that isn’t too tight or going to squeeze your waist too much. Again sizing matters. You
should be able to move in them a bit. There are plenty of ways to style them as well. You can go topless with your arms covering, add your favorite bra, or even a bralette.

This can be a really pretty option if you want something slightly more covered, but still form-flattering.
Tips to choose a dress to shoot in, pick something that you can move in. Doesn’t have to be loose, but a
giving fabric that will let you move and pose is great. Form-fitting with stretchy material is a
go-to for me. Flowy options can be great as well but make sure they can still show your curves.

There are so many options you probably already have in your closet. A cozy cardigan, cropped button
up, maybe a jean jacket, the more popular option is a flannel shirt, leather jacket, all of those
could be styled in really beautiful ways. I love an extra layer as an added element to another
outfit, maybe something lacy or a bodysuit or something with an added sweater or jacket on
top and you have a whole new vibe.

A white shirt is an easy go-to and can be added to just about anything! It’s so versatile, it
doesn’t distract from you, and you can go with a super sheer, linen version for some softness
and to see your body through it, or a crisp, starched version for some extra structure and
shape. What you wear under it is entirely up to you. You could go add a cute pair of underwear
or a bodysuit, they both look fantastic! I always have a classic white button-up you can add on

There is something about letting your natural shape shine through that is so beautiful to me.
You can choose to just let your natural beauty out, go a little more abstract with a shot on a
black backdrop highlighting all the right parts, or choose to have a more “in-the-sheets sort of
look. If you are someone who loves the abstract then add the option of the Body Silhouettes to
your session. Want to get a bit more spicy? Choose to add on Shibari as well and get some
rope on.

There are so many beautiful options that don’t fall into the “lingerie” category and some things
you may not think of at first. My best advice is to talk with your photographer about what you
are envisioning (hopefully that’s me!) and choose things that make YOU feel sexy!

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