What to Wear as a Curvaceous Babe

When shooting boudoir, I see women of every body type, shape, and size. And when it comes to curves, there are so many amazing options to highlight all the right places for you and make you look fabulous for your shoot! We all have had those times when it feels like you can’t find that one perfect outfit
that fits just right. It gapes in one spot and is too tight in others. So when it comes to shopping
for your session your normal frustrations may keep you from even looking at options. Your
uncertainty is all normal so don’t you worry. The trick is knowing how to flaunt your curves!

I find standing in front of the mirror and asking yourself which parts of yourself would you want
to bring attention to is an important step. This is NOT the place to pick apart everything about
yourself but to gently ask yourself what part of your body you want to accentuate more than
others. It’s also normal if nothing comes to mind right away. As I’ve said before, this is part of
the experience of finding and learning to love you. It’s okay to call on a friend here or talk to a
trusted partner and ask them what parts they find beautiful about you.

Given the struggle in finding the perfect outfit for your curves, and working as a professional
boudoir photographer with a lot of experience in helping my bombshells dress up theirs!

Here are my hot tips for you!

Shapewear is going to be your best friend when it comes to boudoir. Choose carefully, though.
Not all shapewear is designed with you in mind, so try to stay away from the cheaper shaper as
it can roll or not sit right and also shy away from thongs when you’re choosing your outfits. Not only is shapewear a flattering addition to any women’s wardrobe, but it can actually be worn under your lingerie or by themselves (shapewear has come a long way) to shape and smooth your curves.

The best part of curves? Corsets. Corsets, of course, are one of the better-known boudoir
styles, but the key here is to get the right size. It’s all about creating/accenting your waistline.
As a general rule, you’ll want to measure your natural waist and then select a corset that’s 7-10
inches smaller. Corsets are a great way to boost the girls and give amazing curves, just make
sure you’re lacing into the right size for the best look!

You can also go for underbust corsets to show off the boobs while at the same time flaunting
your waistline. Sometimes less is more!

One sure way to add a bit to your shoot is to throw a form-fitted skirt over your bodysuit. This is a very popular choice as it helps to give more shape to the waist while accenting all the right
areas. It is still sexy and classy for our girls a bit more shy as well. In our studio, we have a few
different choices in skirts including the one pictured.

Bodysuits are great and my go-to because they let you express your sensuality without
worrying about those little areas you’re self-conscious about. A Bodysuit is something that can
be worn with jeans or a skirt, as a top. Bodysuits have been having a real moment! So the great
news is that you might already own a few of these, and that piece that’s so cute to wear with
your jeans also makes a great outfit for a session. Body-hugging, soft fabric, long sleeve, short
sleeve, and turtleneck options, all are great choices. There are also options for a high neck,
plunge neck, low back, fun strap details, and even more lingerie-leaning details like structured cups or eyelash lace. These are overall just a great option.

Let’s talk two-pieces! These can be a little more tricky for curvy girls, but if you’re set on
grabbing some pics in them there are definitely options. My first suggestion would be for you
to try some high-rise undies and a gorgeous bra. My personal favorite to suggest is this
glamorous set from Playful Promises. Not only is the bra amazing, but the website is pretty
much my favorite one out there. Note: Since they’re a UK brand, their sizes tend to run a
little bit small. Your second best option is a garter belt (with or without stockings). Be sure when choosing a garter belt to go with the thicker ones.

Whatever you decide to try on and wear on your Boudoir shoot, know that you’re the one who
knows what’s best for yourself – it’s always what brings you the most confidence and

To schedule a complimentary phone consultation or learn more about our services, contact us here! We look forward to having you in the studio.

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